Helpful Tips Shown Below

Element / Section Settings:

Overview: This option will allow you to edit the properties of your block spanning from all the following categories: Colors, Text, Borders, Padding, Scale, Text Shadow, Capitalization, Alignment, Images, & Opacity. 

Pertaining Blocks: 

Icon: Gear 

1. How to Alter the Background Color. 

2. How to Re-Scale the Background Color (Padding)

3, How to Add an Indention to Your Paragraph

4. How to Alter Block Top Padding

5. How to Alter Block Bottom Padding

6. How to Edit Background Opacity

7. How to Alter Visibility

8. How to Alter Border Color

9. How to Change Background to Custom Image

10. How to Alter Text 

11. How to Alter Text Alignment

12, How to Alter Text Color

13. How to Alter Text Scale

14. How to Add Shadow to Text

Edit Content

Overview: This option allows you to input / edit text and H-ref links. This also includes being able to apply the following attributes to your text: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike-through, Link, Unlink. Remove, Undo, & Redo.

Pertaining Blocks: 

Icon: Pencil

1. How to Alter Text 

2. How to Alter Text Properties (Bold, italic, underline, strike-through,)

3. How to Link & Unlink Text

Duplicating Options

Overview: This option allows you to create a copy of the current block or section which will then appear below the original block you have duplicated.

Pertaining Blocks:

Icon: Pages

1. How to Duplicate an Element

Moving Elements (Up/Down)

Overview: These options will allow you to shift the block/content before the block above. Perfect if you have misplaced a block.

Pertaining Blocks: 

Icon: Arrow

1. How to Move Elements Up Within a Block

2. How to Move Elements Down Within a Block

Adding Global Shortcuts


Pertaining Blocks: 

Icon: Globe


Deleting Elements

Overview: This option will allow you to remove any block/content entirely.

Pertaining Blocks: 

Icon: Trash Can


Insert Dynamic Content

Overview: This option allows you to insert prefabricated dynamic content already developed on your back in. See below what features this option enables you to insert the following: 

Pertaining Blocks: 

Icon: Plug


Open Code Editor

Overview: This option will allow a more experienced user to access the blocks code to alter if need be.

Pertaining Blocks: 

Icon: HTML