The Visual Builder Interface will help to educate the user on the functionality of our builder's interfaces, which include The Visual Builder screen, Tool Palettes, and Block Palettes.

Accessing The Visual Builder

To Access the Visual Builder, Please Follow the Steps Listed Below:

1. At the top of your screen select the "Edit Website" button as displayed below.

2. Your visual Builder screen will now appear.

Visual Builder Screen

The “Visual Builder” is the main interface where you will be dragging and dropping all of your prefabricated blocks when creating your website.

Tool Palette Menu

The "Tool Palette Menu" is where all of your block categories will be displayed. Block categories range from headers, footers, all the way to image-based sliders and video.

Block Palette Menu

The "Block Palette Menu" feature is where all your block options will appear after you select the category in the navigation menu.