1) Go to Calendar page

>> BreadCrumbs as "Home -> Calendar" is displayed

>> Events Calendars body is displayed with current calrndar month

>> Existed Calendar's events are displayed in the Calendar section

2) On a right header corner click "Add Event" button:

>> New page on same browser tab is opened to submit new Events form

3) Check components at page:

>> BreadCrumbs as "Home -> Calendar -> Add Event" is displayed

note: Calendar has link inside it. By clikcing on it, user will be redirected to Calendar page

>> "Back to Calendar" button is displayed

>> Form to enter new Event is displayed with 

- prefilled (True) "Event" checkbox 

-"Event recurring" radio button displayed as "No" 

- Event Date displayed with start as current calendar date and end as last day of the month

- "Post Date" displayed with prefilled current calendar date 

5) In order to create event where recurring == False, user have to submit mandatory fields (marked with "Question" icon)

6) In Order to create event where recurring == True, user have to submit mandatory fields (marked with ":Question" icon and select "yes" at "EVent Recurring" radio button:

>> after new section to enter Recurring type and daily info will be displayed

7) Once any Event is saved, succesfull message will be shown to the user. But same page as create new event is still shown

8) Click "Back to Calendar" button

>> User is redirected to Calendar page

>> Just created Event is displayed on body