Email marketing plays an important role in connecting you with your customers about new and exciting happenings or product updates. Let’s take a quick look at where to find the email marketing section and review its features.


To locate Email Marketing, click on the “Email Marketing” Tab in the Dashboard.

The first section we’ll talk about is the “List Management.” 

List Management allows you to upload email addresses, in bulk or one by one, whatever your needs may be. This is the beginning of setting up your Email Marketing account.

When you click on “List Management” a new screen will open, like the one listed below. There will be a box, on the left, that let you load your contact list. The buttons on the right allow you to export your list via .pdf, .csv, excel or just print.

Now that we know how to upload contacts into your list management system, let's dig a little deeper and review the “Scheduled Emails” section.

Scheduled Emails


In the image below you will see what the email schedule tool looks like. A few sections need to be completed:

    · Subject - Title

    · Message - Created Message 

    · Email List - Uploaded List

    · Email From - Valid Email Address

    · Date/Time - When the Message Should be sent

    · Time Zone - Zone in area message is being sent

Once the form is completed, click the “Create Email Schedule” button to either send now or to send at a specific time.


Let’s take a look at the “Email Templates” tab. On the first page, once you have created some, you will see a list of created templates. On that same page is a “Build New Template” button. In order to begin creating templates, click that button and you will be taken to a drag n drop builder page where you can personalize the email blasts that you want to send.



Now you have a general overview of Email Marketing. Should you have any questions about using any part of the DIY system, please check out the additional articles in the helpdesk.