To add a Logo to your website, begin by clicking the Settings button in the option bar on the left hand side of your screen.

Select the Site Settings option from the Settings dropdown menu.

After selecting Site Settings, you will be directed to the Global Settings Window. From the Global Settings window; in the Basic Details tab, you will have the option to edit a variety of settings on your website including your color pallet, fonts, bread crumbs and more.

About halfway down this page, you see Logo and Secondary Logo. The secondary logo can be the same as your primary logo, however, if you have a dark footer on your website, a lighter or white version of your logo is recommended.


Second, Click Select File. Next, look for a folder named Logo. 




This will open up your resource manager. If you don't see a Logo folder, you can create a folder now by clicking the folder icon. 


This allows you to quickly find your logos.Now you can upload your new logo by clicking on the upload icon. Make sure that your logo is optimized for websites. Your logo shouldn't be any larger than 400 px wide and usually will be a .png file.This allows for transparency around the edges of your logo. 


Once your logo is uploaded into the file manger make sure you select it by clicking on it. If you have a secondary logo, repeat the process to upload and select it. 


Finally, click save to have your logos changed on your website. Check your header and footer to make sure that your logos look great.


There you have it, a general overview of how to add or change your logo. Should you have any questions about using any part of the system, please check out the additional articles in this section.