Having dynamic photos on your website is crucial. A professional, modern looking website can help to build trust between you and your visitors. If you've hired a professional photographer to help beautify your website, that's fantastic. If you don't have the time or funds to dedicate to a professional photographer, here are some free resources to download free stock photos that are also free from copyright restrictions.






Now we'll walk through how to Edit an Image in your Web Builder 

First, select the photo that you would like to change out or edit. We will be using a standard photo from our template. 

By clicking the photo you wish to edit, a toolbar will appear above the upper left hand corner of the photo. Starting on the left side of the toolbar, you have the option to swap out the photo for another image, Crop the photo, Edit the photo's Alt Text, Duplicate the photo, or Delete the photo. Select the picture icon on the left to Swap out the photo for  another image.