In your website editor, you are able to change your Website’s Design Set. To access this section, click on the Settings tab from the choices given on the left, as seen below.

Next Select 'Site Settings' from the 'Settings' Dropdown menu. 

When you click on this, a new page will open with choices to pick from. You need to pick Basic Details, the first option available.

Once you are in this section you can update your website’s design set, such as:

  • Theme Color Pallet 
  • Background Images
  • Logos
  • Favicon (the icon that displays on the website browser tab for your website)
  • etc.

Remember to save any changes by clicking the blue Save button, at the bottom of the page, before closing the window.

If you have any questions or concerns we can help with, please, send them to or We are happy to make this process as easy as possible.