1)     Go to https://analytics.google.com and log into your Google Analytics account, if not already logged in.

2)     From the main Google Analytics menu, select Admin in the bottom of the left menu.

3)     Drop down the account menu and select + Create Account.

4)     Enter the Account Name and the Website Name. Then, enter the URL without the https:// in the Website URL field. Select Industry Category from the drop-down list that best describes the website and set the correct Reporting Time Zone using your business’s time zone.

5)    When you select Get Tracking ID at the bottom, Google will send you a Global Site Tag code that looks like this:

6)    Copy the complete Global Site Tag code.

7)    Login to your website dashboard at https://digi.dgconsole.com/login/

8)    Paste into the Custom Code for Head Tag box. (If using Google Tag Manager, copy all code from your Google Tag Manager account and paste into the second box named Custom Code for Body Tag)

9)    Click Save in the lower right corner of the DIY dashboard page

To add additional users to the Google Analytics account, select Admin at the bottom of the left menu:

Then, select User Management from the Account, Property, or View level to add new users. Click the plus symbol in the upper right corner, then select Add new users:


Next, add the user’s email and the select levels of permissions you want the user to have: Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze, and Manage Users:                                                                                                                            

Select Add to add the user.

*Be sure to add thewizard@digipromedia.com as a full user to the account or property so that we can access your account should you have questions about the Analytics.