Is your website secure?


As a valued client of DigiPro Media, we would like to invite you to add security to your website for FREE. We have partnered with Cloudflare to provide FREE SSL Certificates to all our clients.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. ... If you don't have the SSL certificate, a secure connection cannot be established. SSL Certificates are typically installed on pages that require end-users to submit sensitive information over the internet like credit card details or passwords. Example pages include payment pages, online forms and login pages. However, in 2017 Google and other search engines began flagging all websites as “Not Secure” if they do not have an SSL Certificate. Having this flag may cause leery visitors to your website to stay away out of fear that your site is not safe.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to create an account with Cloudflare for a free SSL Certificate. Simply visit and click Sign Up. Create an account for yourself and then follow the instructions below to make you website secure.  


Instructions for

  1. Click “Sign Up”
  2. Enter your email and create a password
  3. Enter the domain name for your website (example:
  4. Click Next one the We’re querying your DNS records page.
  5. Select the FREE plan

  6. Click Continue on the DNS query results page.
  7. The next page is the Change your Nameservers page. Follow the instructions provided by Cloudflare to change your websites Nameservers.
  8. After completing the steps above, your website will have security applied to it, but there are two more steps we recommend taking to make sure all visitors see only your new secure version. Continue with the following steps.
  9. Now that you have created an account and changed your website’s Nameservers, click on the Crypto icon at the top of the screen

  10. On the SSL/TLS icon: Ensure that the SSL is set to “Full”. 

  11. Click on the subcategory under “SSL/TLS” and go to “Edge Certificates.” Enable “Always Use HTTPS” to ON 

Congratulations, that’s it! After following the above steps, your website will now be secure. From this point forward, you will manage your website’s DNS records through your new Cloudflare account, not your old Registrar account, by clicking on the DNS icon at the top of the page. We encourage you to explore the additional features Cloudflare offers as well.

If you need any help with your new Cloudflare account, visit Cloudflare’s Support site at

And as always, DigiPro Media is here to help as well. Just submit a ticket for help by sending an email to