In order to take your DigiPro DIY website live you will need to login to your domain host provider and look for your domain's DNS settings. To connect your domain to our system you will need to point your domain's A Record (EX: to our system's I.P. address. All domain host services work a little bit differently in where you will go to locate the DNS settings, but a quick search for "Domain DNS" in the support or help section of the account should quickly point you in the right direction. Once you find the settings for your domain you will need to point the "A Record" to the number of our I.P. address (  After you have updated the domain's I.P. address it will take some time to propagate the change and pull up your new website. This typically can take anywhere from a couple minutes to 48 hours and in some rare cases a week or more (check with your host provider for a more accurate expectation on time to live). To ensure the quickest update make sure the TTL (Time to Live) setting is set to the smallest amount of time available through the host provider. Most often it is 600 seconds or a 1/2 hour. Once you have completed these steps and the TTL time has passed you can check to see if your website has gone live by refreshing the website URL in your browser. If your new website displays then you are all set. 


* Make sure you pay attention to how long you have paid for your domain hosting. If the domain expires and you haven't paid for the hosting renewal your website can go down temporarily.