We’ve put together a few standard pointers to aid in your email marketing strategies. You will find the Email Marketing module in your Dashboard on the left hand side of your screen, as seen below. Now, let’s review those tips and tricks!

  • Include a “Add to Safe Sender List”: 
    • Add a line in the footer of your email blast to encourage your email recipients to mark your email account as “Not Spam.”

  • Make sure the images and content are engaging and interesting:
    • Use exciting titles for your newsletter sections! Making the content look good and relevant to the audience will increase likelihood of a reader clicking on a link. We also recommend you consider offering customer incentives to boost clicks or engagement with content and social shares. The incentive could be a gift card or coupon, company swag or any other creative offer/freebie.

  • To increase email newsletter sign-ups:
    • You can promote the newsletter on your social sites like Facebook to encourage your fans to sign up and share it.

  • Test the newsletter before you send it out:
    • Make sure the newsletter looks good in all the different email clients (Outlook, Hotmail, Webmail, Gmail, Thunderbird). They all handle email code differently so test to those different platforms to make sure your newsletter recipients aren’t receiving a broken newsletter design.