Let’s take a look at the main header bar. 

You will find this bar across the very top of the website editor. There are a lot of options available and they will be very important during the website build. We’ll review a few of them here.    

Below you will see the bar broken up into two parts. The first item notated is the button to take you back to the Dashboard. The main bar also shows you what page you currently are working on.

In the second section, we’d like to point out the “Take a Tour!” button. This will guide you through an overview of the tools in your website editor. Be sure to take advantage of this and refer back to it whenever you need to; it’s a valuable guide!

Let’s look at more tools available to help you build your website. In the image below, you can see how to preview your website on desktop, tablet, and mobile, all with one click of a button. How cool!

Any time you have completed changes to your website be sure to click the “Save” button, before you move to a new page or close your current session, so you don’t lose any of the information you’ve added to the website.

The “Publish” button allows you to take your page live once you have completed all the changes and updates on it. Be sure to review the page before clicking the “Publish” button.

If you aren’t ready to publish your page, but you want to see how it looks, click on the “Preview” button. This will give you an overview of your work on the page so far!

Finally, the last button on the main header bar is “View Site.” After you have saved and published all your work, you can use the “View Site” button to view the live version of your website. How exciting!

You have some very helpful tools at your fingertips now that you have an overview of the main header bar.